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The DreamTex Offer
For a limited time we are offering our latex pillow line DreamTex to anybody who is looking for better comfort and support in a pillow at unbelievable prices.  Our hopes are that by trying out a Queenslane pillow you will have no choice but to consider a Queenslane mattress in your future.  Simply fill out our registration form with a few questions that will help us keep track of where you are in terms of your personal comfort.  Whether you need a mattress today or next year, we are willing to provide you with exceptional value pricing for a new pillow and a Rain Check Offer to hold these current prices we have on all of our beds.  All we have done is eliminated the costly showrooms that become stuffy and full of representatives racing to sell you a mattress they have available in store.  You shop from home, we provide you with the product and if you are not happy, you have our 60 Day money back guarantee.

The DreamTex ® Collection is our signature brand. These pillows have withstood the test of time as being timeless in terms of there innovation. Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, this natural product is available in a variety of sizes and densities. It also inhibits the growth of mould and mildew without compromising its long lasting durability and comfort.

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